Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Flashback: Goenkas and Birlas get into a fight


Abhimanyu accidentally stumbles upon something disturbing and is forced to leave for Udaipur immediately. The latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai encounters another drama as the Goenka and Birla families face each other and it doesn’t end happily. Meanwhile, Akshara gets stuck on her way to Jaipur, leaving Maya worried. Keep reading this article to learn more about the show. Also read: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Flashback: Abhimanyu Finds Akshara’s Bracelet

Akshara visits the Goenka family

After her failed attempts to see Abhimanyu, Akshara turns to Goenka House for a visit. She sees them from afar and gets emotional. Later, Kairav ​​calls Manish to hear his family’s voice. While Manish senses Kairav ​​on the call, he worries; Kairav ​​hesitantly interrupts the conversation. Akshara makes his way back to Jaipur and learns that Maya’s press conference will be postponed.

The next day, while Akshara is stuck in traffic, Manjiri gets into an awkward encounter with Akhil and Suhasini. Akhil starts blaming Manjiri for not caring about his daughter-in-law Akshara. He also says some bad words about Abhimanyu. Manjiri loses her calm.

Ultimately, Suhasini gets Akhil to end things, but on the way out, they accidentally drive through a puddle. They end up spattering Majiri with mud. Keep reading this article to find out how this little argument leads to a big fight between the two families.

Abhimanyu departs for Udaipur

Back at the Birla house, Mahima receives information that Manish Goenka received a call from an international number that same day. She firmly believes the number belongs to Kairav ​​and asks the police to follow up on this lead. Mahima also calls Abhimanyu to share the update; At the same time, Manjiri comes home disheveled. After Mahima asks what it’s about, Manjiri recalls the incident. What they fail to notice is that, by the way, Abhimanyu is still on the phone with Mahima and he overhears the entire conversation. He becomes extremely angry with the Goenkas and immediately leaves to confront them.

Harsh and Anand also learn of this encounter and leave to raise the matter directly with the Goenkas. Meanwhile, Maya and Dr. Kunal uneasy when Akshara is late for the conference. Finally when she arrives. However, a problem arises as Shefali is present at the same event. Akshara is narrowly saved from being exposed, but it remains to be seen how long she manages to hide from the Birla family.

At the Goenka house, Suhasini tries to calm everyone down and let the fight go, but to no avail. Birlas comes in extreme anger and immediately starts a verbal fight with Manish. Harsh warns Manish that if he finds Kairav ​​Goenka, he will kill him this time. Manish raises his hand to hit Harsh, but Abhimanyu comes just in time.

In the next episode we will see Manish throw Abhimanyu out of the house and accuse him of not being able to protect Akshara. Abhimanyu hears Akshara’s voice at Shefali’s event. Keep reading HT Highlights for more such written updates from the latest episodes.


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