“With Jio True 5G, mobile broadband will change gears again”


At the 45th Annual General Meeting, Kiran Thomas, Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited and Board Director of Reliance Jio, pointed out that Jio True 5G has the triple advantage of standalone 5G architecture, the widest spectrum and advanced carrier aggregation technologies.

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“Since 2016, Jio 4G has unleashed a tsunami of digital applications and rich digital content across India. Today, more than 80% of the data consumed on Jio 4G is in video format. With Jio True 5G, the Mobile broadband will shift gears even further. And we can enjoy even more video and immersive content, always in ultra-high definition quality, wherever you are. It also means you’ll get a much better experience when using your apps. favorite video streaming and video calling mobiles,” said Thomas.

Explaining the key features of Jio 5G, he said, “5G will not only improve all of our current mobile experiences, but also create new and premier experiences. For example, Jio True 5G’s ultra-low latency will enable real-time applications like cloud gaming even on the go. And in the near future, it will also enable immersive experiences like augmented reality with JioGlass and similar devices from our partners.

“We developed a JioAirFiber Home Gateway, which is a wireless, simple, one-device solution. Just pick it up, plug it in, turn it on, and that’s it. Now you have a Wi-Fi hotspot. -Personal Fi in your home, connected to ultra-high speed internet using True 5G.Plus, because it’s an end-to-end wireless solution, no wires enter your home, creating an eyesore. With such a simple process, hundreds of millions of homes and offices can be connected to super-fast broadband, that too in a very short time. And India can rank among the top 10 nations, even for xe broadband. The two-way interactivity enabled by JioAirFiber will create unique and highly engaging experiences for the whole family, such as live interactive content, cloud gaming, immersive shopping and more, by bringing the focus on continuous improvement of the customer experience and privacy,” said Jio Chairman Akash Ambani. .

“Reliance and Jio bring some of the best sporting events like IPL to viewers in India and abroad through our digital platforms. Let’s see how we might watch a live interactive game of Mumbai Indians in the very near future with JioAirFiber on the big screen, instead of the traditional broadcast experience. The big difference you can see is that due to JioAirFiber’s Giga-bit speeds, we can now deliver not just one video stream, but multiple video streams, showing multiple camera angles at the same time, and that too in ultra- High Definition. And we can dynamically choose which camera angle we want to focus on, while previewing other video streams. This makes every game truly immersive, even better than the real-life match experience, as well as personalized to suit every viewer’s preferences,” Thomas emphasized.

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