Watch: 250 drones dazzle in the air at India Gate to celebrate Netaji’s legacy | Latest India News


A swarm of drones lit up the night sky above the India Gate complex on Friday, showcasing the life and legacy of freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose and celebrating the recently unveiled large statue of Netaji, said a senior official.

The drones took to the air in phases and formed eight different formations.

“A total of 250 drones will be used, and the final formation will be the new large statue unveiled by the Prime Minister on Thursday. The drone show will depict Netaji’s life and legacy,” the senior Ministry of Health official said. Culture at PTI. shortly before the start of the show.

The show started around 8:35 p.m. and lasted 10 minutes. People tried to capture the moments on their cellphone cameras, some moved around while many lay on the lawns to enjoy them.

Earlier, as dusk fell on the Central Vista skyline, a team of engineers and technicians were busy connecting the connection to a grid of drones assembled in a lawn near India Gate.

“The Netaji drone show was produced by the same team of innovators who staged the 1,000 drone show at the Beating the Retreat ceremony earlier this year on the Vijay Chowk,” the official said.

The 28-foot-tall statue was carved from a monolithic block of jet-black granite stone, sourced from a quarry in Telangana and a “makeshift road” had to be built to move it to a highway to transport it to Delhi.

According to the Ministry of Culture, a team of sculptors spent 26,000 man-hours of “intense artistic effort” to carve the large statue of Bose.


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