Want to download Aadhaar, generate VID quickly? Use the UMANG app; look how


Aadhar Update: The Government of India has launched Aadhaar related services on its Umang App, also known as Unified Mobile App. The app is supposed to facilitate access to a host of services provided by central, state or local government. One of the newest additions is Aadhaar services, accessible on the government’s Umang app.

In a recent tweet, Digital India, which is the government’s flagship program, said “My Aadhaar” has extended a set of services on the Umang app.

“Users can now comfortably access Aadhaar services on the UMANG app, as ‘My Aadhaar’ has now extended a range of citizen-centric services on the app,” he said in a tweet dated 17 august.

Services include downloading Aadhaar, accessing offline KYC, and generating a virtual ID, among others.

“Whether it’s downloading Aadhaar, accessing KYC offline, or generating a virtual ID, all of these important services and more are easily accessible by downloading the UMANG app. For more information, visit website http://umang.gov.in,” he said in another tweet that day.

What are the Aadhaar services on Umang app?

I. Download Aadhaar: A digitally signed and password protected digital copy of the Aadhaar can be downloaded from the Umang app.

ii. Generate Virtual ID: Users can also generate the 16-digit Virtual ID which they can use as an alternative to Aadhaar number

iii. Offline e-KYC: users can access a secure and shareable eKYC document used for offline identity verification

iv. Authentication History: Using their Aadhaar number, residents can use this service to check their Aadhaar authentication history

v. View payment history: Users can also use the Umang app to view payment and refund history.

To explore UIDAI’s online services, click the Login button on the Umang app. To log in, you must have registered your mobile number with Aadhaar. Users can access services like downloading Aadhar, finding registration center as mentioned above.

According to Umang’s website, “UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New Age Governance) is developed by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and National Electronic Governance Division (NeGD ) to pilot mobile governance in India”.

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