Truecaller ‘revamps’ the app for iPhone users. Details here


Truecaller has come up with a slew of updates for its iPhone app, saying in a blog post that it was “completely rewritten from scratch”.

“It will now be lighter (smaller in size), more efficient (runs faster, even on the vintage iPhone 6S) but most importantly, 10 times better at identifying spam, scams and business calls compared to previous versions”, said the Swedish caller. said the identification service.

’10 times better caller ID’

Now, iPhone users will also not have to disconnect a call from an anonymous number, or wait for the caller to disconnect, to access the Truecaller app to identify the person. The company has, in its own words, “developed and improved the latest, most accurate and comprehensive caller ID and spam detection for each geographic area by automatically updating spam information “.

This means Truecaller will display the caller ID while your phone is ringing simultaneously.

Caller ID Emojis

You will see an emoji under a person’s Truecaller ID. For example, a number verified by Truecaller will appear as a tick in a green box.

Search without opening the app

If you missed the call, you also have the option to identify the caller without using the app. To do this, go to your iPhone’s call log, press the information button, then “Share contact”. This will identify the person and their ID will be displayed whenever they call you back in the future.


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