Top Tech News – September 3: Satellite Connectivity on Android, Samsung Data Breach, and More


Last update: September 03, 2022, 6:22 p.m. HST

This episode covers Android 14, the Samsung data breach and more.

The latest episode covers news of new features coming to Android 14, Samsung confirming data breach and more.

Welcome to the latest issue of Top Tech News, where you talk about a new feature confirmed by Google for Android 14, the Samsung US data breach and more.

Android 14 to offer satellite connectivity

Android isn’t ready to sit back and let Apple take all the laurels as the next version is confirmed to support satellite connectivity. The update was shared by Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP – Platforms and Ecosystems at Google. He also mentioned that Google will have partners on board to bring satellite connectivity to Android 14, which will arrive next year.–inlzkjE

He didn’t share whether feature support will be software-enabled, which, if so, may eventually allow Google to upgrade the software to Android 13 and also bring satellite connectivity to the device. old version.

Samsung confirms US data breach

Samsung has confirmed a data breach that affected its US users earlier this year. The company mentioned that the breach leaked the data of some of its users.

Interestingly, Samsung claims that the breach did not reveal confidential details such as debit card and credit card numbers, as well as social security numbers, which is rather odd for a company like Samsung.

The incident happened in July, so we don’t know why the company waited over a month before disclosing the leak to the public and its consumers.

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