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The National Defense Academy and Naval Academy (UPSC NDA/NA) are both multiple-choice question-based exams broadly divided into two parts – math and the general ability test. The overall document totals 900 points, of which the mathematics accounts for 300 points. Therefore, a good preparation for the math section of the NDA exam is important as it helps the candidates to solve all the questions with 100% accuracy without any margin of error.

NDA paper I includes math questions. The section carries less weight compared to the general capacity test. However, it plays a key role in shortlisting candidates. The math section is not a difficult problem to solve as the standard of questions basically corresponds to grades 11 and 12 levels. With revision and practice, candidates can achieve good marks in the exam. Senior NDA officials have suggested that applicants should cover the maximum math syllabus. Students should refer to grade level textbooks to clarify basic concepts.

Tips and Tricks for Preparing for UPSC NDA Math

The total time given to the NDA math paper is two and a half hours. The exam consists of a total of 120 questions. For each correct answer, students will receive 2.5 points and 0.83 points will be deducted for each incorrect answer. The total marks of the NDA math paper is 300.

Before we proceed with the preparation strategy for the NDA exam math paper, let us look at the most important topics and their weighting in the NDA math paper.

Topic Ratings (estimated) Number of questions (estimated)
Algebra and vector algebra 100 40
Trigonometry 50 20
Determinants and matrices 25 ten
Statistics and probabilities 25 ten
Analytical geometry 50 20
Differential and integral calculus 50 20

Candidates should know the syllabus of the math test and mark the important topics and points based on the analysis of the previous year’s tests. They should master the important topics first, but should also delegate time to understand the topics they find difficult. To avoid confusion, one topic should be covered at a time.

Candidates must solve mock NDA math paper tests to decide how much time can be delegated to each type of question. Browse the previous year’s question papers to get an idea of ​​all the topics and the type of questions they are asked. Learn tips, tricks and shortcuts to save time.

Aspirants will need to memorize simple calculations like squares and cubes of numbers (to at least 12-25). Take quick notes on shortcuts and formulas as this will help you during last minute review. Candidates should be aware that 0.83 points will be deducted for each wrong answer. Therefore, avoid guessing the answers on the exam. Use reference books, especially if they are not from scientific backgrounds.

– Written by Sanjeev Kumar, Faculty of Mathematics at BYJU’S Exam Prep

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