The government requires manufacturers of edible oils to declare the correct amount on the packaging; Check details


The government has asked manufacturers, packers and importers of edible oils to declare the net quantity by volume without mentioning the temperature with the weight of the product. Companies have had six months (until January 15, 2023) to comply with the directive, according to an official statement released on Thursday.

“The Center has advised manufacturers/packers/importers of edible oils to declare the net quantity of edible oil etc. by volume without temperature in addition to declaring the same by weight. They have also been advised by the consumer service to correct their labeling by declaring the net quantity in units of volume without mentioning the temperature with the weight of the product, within six months from the date of the instruction issued, i.e. until January 15, 2023,” the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution said in the statement.

Under the Legal Metrology (Packaged Goods) Rules 2011, it is mandatory to declare net quantity in terms of standard units of weight or measure apart from other declarations on all pre-packaged goods for the benefit of consumers.

In accordance with the provisions made under the rules, the net amount of edible oil, vanaspati ghee, etc. must be declared by weight or volume and, if declared by volume, the equivalent weight of the goods must be declared. “It is observed that industries proactively mention the temperature while declaring the net quantity by volume,” he said.

The ministry added that manufacturers, packers and importers declare the net quantity of edible oil by volume by mentioning the temperature at the time of packaging as well as the units of mass.

“Few manufacturers were describing a temperature as high as 600 degrees Celsius,” the Consumer Affairs Department said.

She added that it has been observed that such declaration of net amount of edible oil, vanaspati ghee etc. in terms of volume by keeping the volume fixed (eg 1 liter) at different temperatures with mass, which differs, when the packaging mentions a higher value Temperature. The weight of edible soybean oil can be different at different temperatures by keeping the volume at one liter.

“Therefore, the weight of edible oil is different at different temperatures. Thus, to ensure that the consumer receives the correct amount in the package at the time of purchase, manufacturers/packers/ importers of edible oil, etc. to pack the said products without mentioning the temperature and ensure that the quantity declared on the volume and mass of the package must be correct,” the ministry said.

Recently, the government has also asked edible oil companies to reduce edible oil prices to pass on the benefits of lower international edible oil rates to consumers. Following this, the companies reduced the prices by up to 30 rupees. Adani Wilmar has slashed cooking oil prices by up to Rs 30 per liter amid falling world prices. The company, which sells its products under the Fortune brand, has cut soybean oil prices the most. Stocks with the discounted prices will hit the market soon.

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