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Amid the impasse over the retention of Chief Minister Hemant Soren as an MP, Jharkhand’s assembly on Monday passed the confidence motion tabled by the ruling coalition even as the main opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), staged a strike just before the vote.

Of the 78 members of the 82-member chamber (including one appointed member), who could vote, 48 deputies voted in favor of the government. The Speaker of the House does not vote, unless there is a tie. Three suspended Congress MPs were unable to attend the session as a West Bengal court told them not to leave Kolkata after they were caught wearing 49 lakh in their car.

A total of 29 MPs from Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM), 15 from Congress and one from Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), NCP and CPI-ML and the only appointed member, representing the Anglo-Indian community, voted for the government. .

Those who staged a walkout included the BJP, its ally AJSU and independent lawmakers Saryu Roy and Amit Yadav. Both Roy and Yadav won as BJP rebels in 2019 and the former supported the government until recently. The main opposition BJP party has 26 MPs at home, while the AJSU party has two.

The one-day session was called by the Soren-led government amid silence from part of Governor Ramesh Bais in a for-profit case against Soren that could lead to his disqualification. The governor has yet to make public the opinion of the Election Commission of India on the matter sent to Raj Bhawan on August 25. The ECI, it is widely believed, recommended his disqualification as a member of the house. It’s unclear why the governor has yet to act on the polling body’s advice.

During the session which lasted only about two hours, the ruling alliance and the opposition clashed. As the opposition questioned the rationale for the confidence motion, the Treasury benches claimed it was important to show the people of the country the ruling alliance in the House despite the BJP’s “attempts to destabilize a democratically elected government”.

“We want to show you through this (motion) that there is no threat to this government. And any type of horse trading will not work. People watch. Forget the next assembly ballots in (December) 2024; people will even teach you in Lok Sabha polls (April-May 2024),” Soren said.

The Chief Minister also raised questions about the Governor’s delay in making public the ECI’s opinion on its membership.

“When our delegation went to meet the governor, he said he had received the opinion of the ECI and that he would issue a decision in 2-3 days. But the next day he left for Delhi. He should make the decision public – otherwise a situation is created for the horse trade,” Soren said.

Governor Ramesh Bais visited New Delhi on Friday and has yet to return. The people in his office said they didn’t know when he would be back.

Soren, also the incumbent chairman of the JMM, alleged that the BJP was trying to create a “civil war situation in the country by fueling the riots to win the elections”.

“The manner in which the obstacles are presented before our government is known to all. Three of our deputies are in Bengal. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has been ‘buying’ MPs from Jharkhand,” Soren said.

He also accused the BJP of doublespeak and said that while it claimed to have made a female adivasi president, it was trying to wrest power from a tribal CM.

“People buy goods in the market, but the BJP buys legislators,” he alleged, describing the BJP as a party of “traders” trying to tarnish the image of elected governments. He also mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi by wondering how a prime minister busy fighting with states can develop the country.

The CM said the government would soon take a decision on the OBC reservation and the 1932-based domicile policy, as promised in the JMM’s 2019 manifesto.

BJP legislative party leader Babulal Marandi questioned the justification for the confidence motion when the government already enjoys a majority.

“Neither the governor, nor the opposition, nor any court has asked for a vote of confidence in the government. It shows that the Chief Minister does not trust his own MPs.”

“The whole country witnessed how the MPs were crammed into a bus and taken to the airport and later to Raipur on a chartered flight. After arriving in Ranchi, they were not allowed to stay in their residences but they were kept in the circuit house. Even today they were brought in a bus to the assembly and were not taken through the door which is intended for deputies. This is enough to prove that the Minister leader has no confidence in UPA deputies,” he added.

Jharkhand Congress Speaker Rajesh Thakur said it was now up to the governor to break the deadlock. “We showed today where the government stands in terms of strength. Now it’s up to the governor to make a decision and let people know.


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