Rohit Sharma recalls emotional conversation with his wife after third double century


It’s no secret that Rohit Sharma is one of the most delightful sights in world cricket when he’s in full swing, and neither is his goalscoring prowess. With three double hundreds to his name in ODI cricket, it’s clear he enjoys playing a big innings once his eye is in. No cricketer has scored more than a double cent.

Naturally, picking the favorite of his three double hundreds is a difficult task for Rohit, but that’s not quite the case with his wife Ritika.

Rohit’s wife Ritika couldn’t hold back her emotions and broke down when her husband reached his third ODI double century against Sri Lanka at Mohali in 2017. Ritika could have given Ritika during their wedding anniversary.

“As you can see my wife got emotional there, that day was special as it was my birthday. Probably the best gift I could give her while I was on the pitch, it was quite emotional” , said Rohit during his appearance in episode 2 of “Open Nets with Mayank” with his teammates Mayank Agarwal and Shikhar Dhawan.

Videos of Ritika crying in the stands after Rohit turned 200 went viral after the India vs Sri Lanka game. On Friday, Rohit spoke about that day and said Ritika thought he twisted his wrist while diving for a race in the 190s.

“At first, I didn’t know she was crying. When I came back from the floor, I just asked her why you (Ritika) were crying? So she told me she thought I (Rohit) was wringing my neck. hand when I dove for my 196th race and it was a little worrying for her, she got unemotional because of it I guess,” Rohit added.

Rohit, who said he was going slow at the start, scored 208 with 13 fours and 12 sixes against Sri Lanka. This pushed India to a gigantic 392/4. India went on to win the match by 141 points.

“To be honest I was going pretty slow, I never thought I would get to a double cent but once you get past 125 I feel like it gets easier for you because the bowlers are under pressure. Unless you make a mistake, I don’t think you can get away with it,” Rohit said.

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