Prime Minister Modi praises physiotherapists, says they play key role in ensuring people’s wellbeing


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday hailed physiotherapists on World PT Day, saying they play a key role in protecting people’s health. The day is celebrated on September 8 to raise awareness of the essential role that physiotherapists play in health care.

“Today, on World Physiotherapy Day, I commend the efforts of all physiotherapists who play a key role in protecting people’s health. We will continue to make efforts to further popularize and modernize physiotherapy” , Modi said in a tweet. He also shared an article on his portal which highlighted the steps he took first as Chief Minister of Gujarat and later as Prime Minister, to make therapy more accessible. “PM Modi, through policy measures, relevant legislation has empowered physiotherapists in the country and at the same time has ensured that there is increased awareness of this valuable profession. His continued focus on the importance of physiotherapy has improved the standards of treatment in Gujarat, it is now improving the standards of treatment across the country,” the article states.

The immense contribution of physiotherapists in treating acute pain patients is immeasurable, but these “master healers” did not receive their status in the medical fraternity for many years in India, he said. “When he (Modi) became Chief Minister of Gujarat, he emphasized physiotherapy. He gave importance to traditional medicine, yoga and physiotherapy for all in Gujarat. This is during his tenure that the first physiotherapy council of Gujarat was formed which gave physiotherapy its rightful professional status in the medical fraternity,” he said.

The council has enabled the availability of qualified and qualified physical therapists in the state health system, and they provide comprehensive health care and teamwork with the specialists, he said. The Modi government at the Center, after due deliberations and consultations, passed the National Allied and Health Professionals Commission Bill in 2021, and the establishment of the Central Allied and Health Professions Commission gave a much-needed boost to physiotherapy, which as a profession had not been regulated or recognized for 75 years, he added.

“The inclusion of physiotherapists in the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission Network will also allow patients to easily search the ABDM network for facilities registered in different systems of medicine like Modern Medicine (Allopathy), Ayurveda, Dentistry, homeopathy, physiotherapy, Unani, Siddha or Sowa Rigpa.” Ayurveda and physiotherapy are not mutually exclusive, because the principle of all treatments used in physiotherapy and Ayurveda is similar and because it produces a synergistic effect on the effective management of this particular condition, it is advisable to use integrative treatment,” the article noted.

To ensure that patients get the most out of this confluence of Ayurveda and physiotherapy, the Modi government has ensured that physiotherapy treatment is integrated with ayush treatment. This has been launched in many Ayush hospitals and colleges, he said. He added: “Physiotherapists are magnificent healers when it comes to relieving acute pain. Their inclusion in the mainstream medical fraternity, ensured by Prime Minister Modi, has further paved the way for multilateral forms of treatment of quality for the people of the country.The importance of physiotherapists cannot be said more when they provide much needed help to our sportsmen.Now that India has won more medals in the past 6 years, their relevance has increased considerably.

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