President Draupadi Murmu walks down the stage to reward a teacher with different abilities and wins hearts


President Draupadhi Murmuleft an indelible impression on the hearts of millions of Indians, by his gesture while conferring a national award on a teacher with a limb disability.

During the award ceremony, the President, while awarding the Uttarakhand-based teacher, Pradeep Negi, came down from the stage to greet him and present him with the award.

The president’s respectful gesture is hailed by many, who have also taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to appreciate it.

Pradeep Negi, who is a lecturer, is passionate about equal educational opportunity for underprivileged children. He has made tremendous efforts to mobilize society through various awareness programs, educational visits to students and organized environmental programs. He promoted innovative experiences for joyful learning such as the use of ICT, blogs and websites, YouTube channels, TLM, project-based learning, activity orientation and games method of role. Her creative thinking inspires many and creates a climate conducive to innovation in her school.

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The president’s gesture has won the hearts of people who call it a “humble” and “inspirational” gesture.

The President presented the “2022 National Teacher Awards” to 46 winners selected to honor their unique contribution to school education in the country.

During the award ceremony, she recalled the contribution of her own school teachers to her life, thanks to which she became the first girl in her village to go to university. “School education in India is among the largest education systems in the world,” President Murmu said.

Today India celebrates its National Teachers Day. The day is celebrated on September 5 every year, the birth anniversary of India’s second president, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was also a scholar, philosopher and Bharat Ratna laureate.

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