Pak journalist sued by cable company for allegedly misquoting Imran Khan


Police arrested a Pakistani journalist last week for allegedly attributing “disrespectful” statements about Islam to former prime minister Imran Khan, local media reported. Rawalpindi Police have registered a complaint against journalist Waqar Satti, according to the news agency Dawn.

The case against Satti was launched on the basis of a complaint filed by a cable operator. Cable operator, Chaudhry Nasir, said he came across a tweet in which a man identified as Waqar Satti tweeted why he hates former Prime Minister Khan and listed the reasons why he opposes the former Prime Minister minister.

Chaudhry Nasir in the FIR also said that Satti would have disrespected Islam. “Imran Khan did not mention any of these words mentioned in Waqar Satti’s tweet – in any of his speeches,” Nasir wrote in his FIR while adding that Satti’s tweet hurt the beliefs of thousands of other Muslims.

The filing of the case shows that Pakistan is becoming increasingly dangerous for journalists. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) ranks Pakistan as the fifth most dangerous place to practice journalism.

A veteran journalist was also shot last week by unidentified miscreants, in a separate incident. The incident happened in Toba Tek Singh province in Punjab. The journalist, Muhammad Younis, was heading towards his farmland in Manganwala on his motorbike when two men hiding in a nearby field appeared and opened fire on Younis, killing him instantly. The assailants then fled.

Following the killing, the Inspector General of Punjab Police (IGP), Faisal Shahkar, requested a report from the Regional Police Constable, Faisalabad (RPO). Jhang District Police Officer (DPO) Rashid Hidayat has set up a team of expert officers to ensure the immediate arrest of the killers.

More than 138 journalists have been killed in the past decade in the line of duty. The country remains among the top 10 countries where the perpetrators of attacks on journalists and the media go unpunished. Journalists in Pakistan face threats if they uncover damning reporting on clerics, powerful politicians and the Pakistani military.

(with contributions from ANI and Dawn)

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