No Google Hangouts from November 2: Steps to download chat history


Earlier this year, Google announced it will shut down its Hangouts platform and make Google Chat its default chat app. While some users may have already switched to chat, the tech giant said those who haven’t yet migrated should do so by November 1. Until then, Hangouts will be available. only on the webbut starting November 2, users will be automatically redirected to Chat.

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As part of the migration, some conversations or parts of conversations won’t transfer from Hangouts to Chat on their own, Google said. Therefore, users who want to keep a copy of their conversations can download it before January 1, 2023, when all data on Hangouts will be deleted, the company explained.

Here’s how users can download their Hangouts data:

(1.) Go to Google Takeout. Once there, sign in with the Google account you use for Hangouts.

(2.) From the apps you see, select Hangouts and deselect the rest.

(3.) Now click “Next Step”. Then, in the delivery method, choose how often you want to download the copy (Google recommends a one-time download).

(4.) Choose the file type and click “Export”.

(5.) You will receive a message that a copy of the data is being created, followed by another at the end of the process. Now you can download the file.

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