Mercedes boss Toto Wolff aware of developing tension between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell


Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has acknowledged growing tensions between his team’s drivers, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and fellow Briton George Russell.

Wolff went on to say that it was quite natural at the highest level where there is a lot at stake and there was nothing to lose sleep over.

The racing team faced several issues with their W13 car this season as porpoising issues and some other technical issues persisted in the car until the start of the season.

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Such issues hampered Hamilton’s early performances this year before he found a stable footing in recent races.

On the contrary, Russell has been one of the most consistent drivers this season and is twelve points ahead of his teammate.

Russell is currently ranked fourth in the drivers standings with 158 points to his name, while Hamilton is sixth with 146 points.

Wolff said he was suspicious of the growing tensions between the two and felt it was only natural at the highest level.

He mentioned that the two drivers had found common ground in the challenge they faced while driving the W13. He went on to say that the biggest opposition Russell and Hamilton have faced this campaign has been their car and its reliability issues.

“I think the biggest adversary for George and Lewis was the car, not the teammate or the other drivers. And that was certainly advantageous in some ways.

He spoke of the efforts made by his team and the riders to remedy the machine which was considered undriveable by many at one point in the season.

“They used different solutions and configurations, even a lot on some occasions, with the aim of exchanging impressions and useful information to get out of the situation we experienced,” said the Austrian.

“When the goals become races and championships, I will be able to tell you if the respect that I see today between the two will prove to be a predominant factor.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen leads the drivers’ standings this year with 258 points, followed by Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc with 178. Red Bull’s Sergio Perez is third in the standings with 173 points.

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