Math continues to be difficult, accounting, English easy


The fourth phase of the Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET) 2022 kicked off on Wednesday. On the second day of phase four of the exam, August 18, students found the papers easy except for math, which was rated low-moderate in difficulty. The economics paper had questions based on concepts taught in Class 12, while the accounting and English papers were for the easiest students, they said.

In economics, “there was a case study with five questions, and surprisingly, the chart-based questions were more like interpreting data. Topics covered included the macroeconomic policy indicator, the objective of the five-year plan, the big leap forward campaign, among others,” said Amitendra Kumar, Product Manager – CUET and Undergraduate Programs, Career Launcher.

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In accounting, the questions were covered by the case study based on non-profit accounting, partnership, stocks and debentures, financial statements, computerized accounting, the following correspondences and figures. Overall the paper was easy. While the biology article had a few case studies which were more like a reading comprehension passage with very direct questions from the passage. Together, the case studies covered 12 questions. One question was about asserting reason. A number of questions were based on the female reproductive cycle and system, Kumar added.

“The English document in Section 1 had three passages followed by six questions each. The passages were based on the family of a farmer, a newspaper, Karnad-the playwright. All the questions were very direct from the passage posing no difficulty for any student. The remaining paper was on grammar and vocabulary with four questions each from synonyms, antonyms, figures of speech, misspellings, para-mixtures, word substitution, analogy and of idioms and phrases,” he said.

The general awareness section focused more on general static knowledge. Questions based on the first female Prime Minister, the study of birds, the moon, the ground, etc. have been asked. The numerical ability had basic questions and if one had practiced well, they would have found the questions easy to solve. Questions were based on quadratic equations, geometry, time and work, time, speed and distance, HCF, common factor, trigonometry, BODMAS, area, rhombus, interest simple, the cone, the percentages were easy and one would certainly have felt delighted.

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