Jammu Kashmir to hold Board Exams 2023 in March, students say it will cut down preparation time for entrance exams


As in other parts of the country, now in Kashmir, 10th and 12th class exams will be held in March. Previously, these examinations were held in Kashmir in October and November. The administration of Jammu and Kashmir has now issued an order for a uniform university calendar. He said a committee was formed in April which recommended that council exams should also be held in March in Kashmir. The government, however, has not issued any orders for pupils up to class 9.

Following the order from the state Department of School Education on Wednesday, students in Class 12 expressed disappointment and said the move would cut their preparation time for entrance exams. “The goal for them is that after class 12 they were preparing for NEETs and other entrance exams, but now we will have less time to prepare for entrance exams,” a student said. of class 12.

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Academic experts call it a bad decision, while private school associations say service providers were not considered. Class 10 students, however, seemed happy with the decision. They said that now they would have enough time to prepare for the exams. Those who used to sit at home in winter after exams will now prepare for exams during this time.

“It’s a pretty good decision and now we will prepare well for the exams, although in the winter we used to sit at home waiting for the results and now that won’t happen,” says Muzamil , a 10th grader. “We will give exams in March and prepare well in winter,” he told News18.com.

On the other hand, the president of the association of private schools, GN War, found this decision incomplete. He said the government failed to take stakeholders into account. He said that “the government made the decision, but those who are to implement the decision were not placed in the committee. As there will be a shortage of electricity and other facilities, the government should have taken the stakeholders on board so that a good decision can be made. In the March session, there will be a lot of trouble in Kashmir because of the weather.

Meanwhile, university experts have also said the decision will prove bad for the future of students. They said that “if the students come for the exam in March, they will stay at home for the whole year because it is very cold in Kashmir and everyone stays at home for three months. Also, when the kids take the exam in March and are home again in June awaiting the results, when will they be studying? They added that the government must reconsider this decision so that the education of students in Kashmir is not negatively affected.

Alok Kumar, Principal Secretary of Government, Department of School Education, said the decision was made for the bright future of the children. He said that in winter teachers would educate children through digital platforms as everyone was digitally trained during the Covid-19 pandemic. There will be uniformity and the examinations will take place simultaneously; students will also have time and the assessment will increase.

He added that with the move, students would also get an additional 200 days of in-class study. “Those who are not happy with the decisions of the government, they will oppose them and it is their job to do so, and if they think of a fair future for their children, they will not oppose them.”

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