ITIs have been the pride of the nation: President Draupadi Murmu


Indian institutes of technology have been the pride of the nation, said President of India Draupadi Murmu. She was speaking at the closing ceremony of IIT Delhi’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in New Delhi today.

“India has a large talent pool which is yet to be fully tapped. We need to prepare our institutes for the future with new teaching and learning settings, pedagogy and content,” he said. she declared.

The President said that IITs have helped India prove to the world India’s capability in education and technology. In many ways, the story of IITs is that of independent India.

IIT faculty and alumni have shown the world what India’s intelligence can do. Students who have studied in IITs are now at the forefront of the digital revolution that is sweeping the world. The impact of IITs goes beyond science and technology. “IITians are leaders in all walks of life – in education, industry, entrepreneurship, civil society, activism, journalism, literature and politics,” she said. declared.

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As one of the original IITs, IIT Delhi is a mentor to some of the club’s recent members – IIT Ropar and IIT Jammu. IIT Delhi has contributed significantly to boosting the image of IITs as centers of excellence across the globe, she said.

IIT Delhi has always seen itself as part of the wider community and has been very sensitive to its responsibility to society. She shared that the latest example of ITI’s social concern was seen during the initial phase of the pandemic. Rising to the challenge of containing the virus, IIT Delhi has come up with major research and development projects. He even designed and developed rapid antigen test kits, PPE, antimicrobial fabrics, high-efficiency face masks, and low-cost ventilators. “IIT Delhi’s contribution to India’s fight against coronavirus has been a model of how engineering and technology institutions can also play a role in a public health crisis,” he said. -she adds.

The President of India has said that by 2047 when we celebrate 100 years of independence, the world will have changed drastically, all because of the fourth industrial revolution.

Just as 25 years ago we could not imagine the contemporary world, we cannot visualize today how artificial intelligence and automation will transform lives. “With our high population, we need to have foresight and strategies in place to deal with the forces of the future where disruption will be a new normal. The nature of employment is going to completely change,” she said.

She added, “If we take steps to protect ourselves from the vagaries of the future, we can reap rich demographic dividends. We must make our institutes adaptable to the future. This will require a new teaching-learning matrix,
forward-looking pedagogy and content. I am sure that with our famous IITs, we will be able to train the younger generation with the necessary knowledge base and the right skills to meet the challenge. India will benefit immensely from the next wave of technological revolution,”

Stressing that climate change poses a serious challenge, she said that as a developing country with a large population, India’s energy requirements for economic growth are very high. The President added that we need to shift from fossil fuels to renewables and in the years to come, as the world eagerly searches for technological solutions to environmental challenges, she believes India’s young engineers and scientists will help humanity achieve a breakthrough.

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