iPhone 14 Pro will feature unique pill-shaped display cut-out with privacy indicator, new rumor suggests


Apple is ready to roll out the new iPhone 14 lineup. Ahead of the long-awaited launch, the market is abuzz with rumors of a new notch design for the phones. According to unnamed sources cited by MacRumors, the upcoming phone is expected to have a large pill-shaped cutout at the top center of the screen. However, what’s interesting about the notch design is the fact that it will appear as two cutouts – hole punch and pill shape, with the display off. And when the screen turns on, the whole unit will appear as a unified pill-shaped unit.

The tipster hinted that Apple might also visually expand the blacked-out areas around the cutouts to run contests. This means the company will expand the area slightly to accommodate the status icon on the left sides and roll up or may even expand it down into a large square when delivering notifications.

Another report from 9to5mac suggested that the dead space between the cutouts of the iPhone 14 Pro will be used to accommodate the privacy indicators. Currently, a small welcome dot appears on screens whenever an app uses the iPhone’s camera.

However, with the updated notch design, Apple aims to give customers a more MacBook-like experience, which features an always-visible green LED when the camera is in use.

The notch could also have room for an orange LED to indicate when an app is using a microphone on the phone.

The report adds that Apple could completely redesign its iPhone 14 camera app and move most of the controls to the top of the screen.

Apple will not release the Mini variant of the iPhone 14. The lineup is expected to come with two screen sizes, – 6.1 inches for the iPhone 14 and 6.7 inches for the iPhone 14 Max.

All expectations and rumors about the iPhone 14 line will be confirmed during Apple’s Far Out event at the company’s headquarters on September 7. The event will start around 10:30 p.m. according to Indian timings.

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