India Post to add 10,000 post offices by 2022, aims to provide door-to-door services; See the details


India Post is gearing up to provide better services to post office customers and ensure that their work is done as quickly as possible. It is currently working on projects and technologies to deliver government services to homes and add 10,000 post offices this year to increase its reach, a senior department official said Thursday. Post Department Secretary Aman Sharma at a CII conference said that the government has provided the department with Rs 5,200 crore for the upgrading of post offices using technology.

“We recently completed drone delivery in Gujarat. The government has asked us to advance the IT project that we started in 2012. The post office and various government services will soon be at the gates. “Rather than people coming to post offices, with the help of technology, services will be delivered to their doorsteps,” Sharma said, as reported by PTI news agency.

He said digital transformation was going to be the way forward and the government was very optimistic about using technology to deliver services to citizens. During the pandemic, India Post delivered more than Rs 20,000 crore to the door

“The government is asking us to expand our reach and open more post offices. We have just obtained authorization to open 10,000 additional post offices. These will be brick and mortar structures in remote areas. The government wants banking and financial services to be accessible to people within 5 kilometers of their homes. Therefore, we are setting up more post offices,” Sharma said.

The 10,000 new post offices will be opened in the current financial year, bringing the total number of post offices in India to about 1.7 lakh.

Apart from creating brick and mortar structures, the government also wants to expand the online scenario as part of a push towards digital India. According to a recent report, the central government is considering a merger between the India Post Payments Bank and the leading messaging platform WhatsApp to offer a host of banking and financial services.

According to an Economic Times report quoting people in the know, the initial collaboration between the payment bank and the messaging giant will offer customers services “such as checking account balance and the ability to request a new bank account”. IPPB is the banking arm of India Post.

“A pilot project will be run over the next 60 days with IPPB services such as balance inquiry, new account inquiry, PIN change and passwords being tested,” reported ET in June quoting the people cited above. They further stated that a number of customers will also benefit from services including cash withdrawal and deposit request, Aadhaar to Aadhaar transfer, update of permanent account number (PAN) and number Aadhaar and account beneficiary management.

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