Google’s new update for Pixel Buds Pro will let you change noise cancellation settings


Last update: September 06, 2022, 11:40 PM IST

Pixel Buds Pro ANC feature improvements are coming soon

Google’s Pixel Buds Pro are premium true wireless earbuds that rival brands like Sony, Apple, and Samsung, among others, in the market.

The Google Pixel Buds wireless headphones will soon receive a new update that will make it easier for users to change active noise cancellation (ANC) settings.

The update will be offered on the Pixel Buds app which is available on Android. Currently, users have to tap on Buds Pro to change settings, but soon they will be able to make adjustments from the app without searching for the feature.

Pixel Buds Pro are Google’s latest premium headphones that rival the Sony WF series and AirPods Pro to name a few. ANC is a core element of headphones in this segment, and it’s good to see Google making these improvements to ensure that the experience of using the Pixel Buds Pro doesn’t disappoint.

Currently, the row of buttons for ANC is on the “Sound” page of the Pixel Buds app/settings.

Some users are now seeing the three-button strip with noise canceling, off, and transparency right on the Pixel Buds app homepage/device details, according to the report.

It appears right under the “Forgotten” and “Disconnect” actions, he added.

Additionally, this update brings ANC to the Pixel’s “Sound and vibration” panel which is accessed by opening the system volume slider and tapping the three-dot overflow button at the bottom. The controls appear under “Media Volume”.

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