Google will clearly label the names of US abortion centers in search, Map: Details


Google will now clearly list the names of medical facilities in the United States that would provide abortions in its search as well as in Google Maps. The US tech giant’s top executives told US lawmakers the company was taking the step to avoid confusing abortion centers with anti-abortion centers. Earlier this month, more than 650 employees of Google owner Alphabet demanded that it provide abortion benefits to contractors, suspend donations to anti-abortion politicians and provide better protection for users against misinformation related to abortion and requests from the police.

Searching for the phrase “abortion clinics near me” will now show facilities that are verified to provide abortions, said Mark Isakowitz, vice president of government affairs and public policy for the United States and the Canada at Google, in a letter to Senator Mark Warner and Representative Elissa Slotkin.

Isakowitz also added that Google will allow users to expand their search to get results from other important listings, including organizations that don’t offer abortions.

Google’s latest letter is in response to a June 17 letter from Warner and Slotkin, in which they urged Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai to take action to prevent misleading Google search results regarding information about abortion.

As mentioned earlier, more than 650 Alphabet workers demanded that the company provide abortion benefits to contractors, as well as the suspension of donations to anti-abortion politicians. The workers also called on Google to better protect its users from abortion-related misinformation as well as police requests.

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