Flooded houses, going to work on tractors: How Bangalore is trying to stay afloat amid severe waterlogging


As Bengaluru continues to battle severe waterlogging and flooding for the second day after heavy rains inundated many parts of the city on Sunday, citizens have shared videos of how the crisis is hitting them on social networks.

From going to work on tractors to being evacuated from flooded homes by boat, the townspeople are fighting to keep the waters from receding again.

Continued gridlock has cut off several key roads, leading to lengthy traffic jams.

Many of the city’s Twitter users have compared its currently waterlogged streets to Venice, with one user writing “I slept in Bangalore, woke up in Venice”.

Many IT professionals, unable to get around via two-wheelers, rickshaws or cars through the waterlogged streets, commuted to work on tractors.

As several luxurious villas in the localities were flooded, users shared videos, with a state congressman working sharing, “These are houses worth more than 30Cr.”

Another user wrote: “Residents of #divyashree properties have spent over 10cr buying and living here and this is the situation. What they should do next is file a petition against the builder, and then we’ll find out the history of this land.

It is the second time in a week that the IT hub has been flooded, causing public outcry over governance and infrastructure issues. Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Tuesday blamed the “bad administration” of previous Congress governments and unprecedented rains in the capital for the deluge. He said that despite all the obstacles, his government has risen to the challenge to restore the rain-battered city and ensure that such things do not happen again in the future.

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