Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin takes drug test after viral party video sparks row


“Never in my life have I taken drugs,” Sanna Marin told a press conference. (Case)

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said on Friday she had taken a drug test following video footage released earlier this week that showed her partying with friends and swore that she had never used illegal drugs.

“Never in my life have I taken drugs,” she told a news conference.

In the video, the Prime Minister of Finland was seen dancing with a group of people in what appears to be a private apartment. The video was originally uploaded to Instagram Stories after which it was leaked and went viral.

According to a report, several well-known Finnish personalities were spotted at the party. These include MP Ilmari Nurminen of Ms Marin’s Social Democratic Party, a popular singer, influencer, YouTuber and radio and TV host, among others.

As the Prime Minister’s video made the rounds on social media, it drew various reactions from users.


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