‘Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives’ Season 2 Recap: Uninteresting reality show playing it safe


The reality show’s second season isn’t exciting as it continues to hide the industry behind boring storylines

The reality show’s second season isn’t exciting as it continues to hide the industry behind boring storylines

Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives is a relatively new and underutilized reality show concept for the Indian market, where it had the potential to be successful but ultimately got bogged down by its own machinations. The second season, like its predecessor, has chosen to stretch out vague storylines with no significant characterizations, which sadly doesn’t make fabulous reality television.

Two years after the first season aired in 2020, Maheep Kapoor, Bhavana Pandey, Neelam Kothari and Seema Sajdeh take us into their COVID affected lives. We learn this when Seema chides Neelam for using a handkerchief. “Hasn’t the pandemic taught you anything?” she asks as the four have lunch together on a yacht, dressed in wedding attire, with the blurred Mumbai skyline in the background.

Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives Season 2

Pour: Maheep Kapoor, Bhavana Pandey, Neelam Kothari and Seema Sajdeh and others.

episodes: 8th

Plot: Cameras offer a glimpse into the personal lives of Bollywood families juggling fame and personal troubles.

Seema expresses appropriate anger at the harmful effects of single-use utensils from the yacht’s deck, as Bhavana hits back: “What about that plastic you three put on your faces?” The moment is overtly confrontational, it brings up an issue Language that’s hotly debated in the comments on celebrity social media posts, and it’s elevated when Maheep replies, “How dare you talk about my plastic?” It has the makings of a tried and tested one good reality show that can make you “cringe”. Unfortunately, it only lasts for this moment as the upcoming eight episodes take on a different, less fun television genre overall.

The cameras follow the four of them through their everyday lives, which consists of following their star kids on a magazine cover photoshoot, accompanying their friend on a photoshoot for their home decor catalogue, and finally accompanying a director on a film shoot. However, none of this adds to the existing information we already had about the inner workings of Bollywood, and the expanded star cast of Ananya Pandey, Gauri Khan and Karan Johar fail to entertain you as they should.

If the show’s premise and appeal depend on pulling back the curtain on one of film’s most talked-about industries, then it’s a failure as the show continues to guard its secrets. Bollywood, particularly its upper echelons, has had a shy relationship with audiences, as evidenced by how secular revelations are chewed up by the media for days on end. Since the pandemic, this interaction has changed massively, where it is now largely mediated through heavily curated social media profiles. While this show was a chance to bridge that communication gap, it’s not taking the opportunity to do so.

Part of the storyline for this season revolves around unresolved past tensions between Maheep and Bhavana and between Neelam and Seema. The problem at hand is described vaguely and does not contain any explicit information. While the disagreement is significant enough to feed into a multi-episode story, we get no characters, no plot, and therefore no frame of reference for what they are arguing about. As a result, the audience has little investment in the fight and their patched-up scene ends up having no effect.

Shows like this if they handle it Real housewives across the longitude and latitude of America, or zoom in bling empire, eventually ending up as cringe-y. The audience is removed so far from the set of the show that the character’s daily routine is absurd and thus entertaining enough.

Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives bypasses all of that to write a show about humanizing Bollywood relatives and deliver a sermon on female friendship. And it’s a script that fails. However, it also begs the question if anything more could ever be expected from Bollywood writing its own drama. For an industry that has indulged in overdramatics and perfected melodramatics, when the camera is turned on itself, playback fails.

Reality television works when participants find a balance by offering not only their carefully tended lives, but also the disheveled moments of vulnerability. However, this show fills its time with youthful bickering, numerous photoshoots, and luncheons that feel like staged interactions, and if that’s what audiences wanted to see, they’re available on their Instagram stories anyway.


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