Drought-hit China plans to use cloud seeding to induce rain: report


China is using cloud seeding technology to generate rain to alleviate drought conditions.

Chinese authorities are trying to bring on rainfall amid a catastrophic drought, caused by a record-breaking heat wave. According to a report in Newsweek.

High temperatures have hampered agricultural development and caused the closure of several businesses to preserve electricity.

The water level of the Yangtze River, also known as Asia’s longest river, has reached record highs. There was less than half of the average precipitation in some areas. According to the authorities, the water level in the hydroelectric reservoirs has also halved. Meanwhile, a surge in demand for air conditioning has put a strain on power providers, reported BBC.

The process of cloud seeding involves sending planes into the clouds and releasing silver iodide, which causes rain to fall on the ground. Scientists also believe that such geoengineering could be used in the future to prevent the impacts of climate change on the planet, Newsweek said further.

According Desert Research Institutecloud seeding is a weather modification approach that enhances a cloud’s potential to generate rain or snow by inserting small ice cores into particular types of clouds below the point of freezing.

These nuclei serve as the basis for the development of snowflakes. After cloud seeding, the newly created snowflakes rapidly grow and descend from the clouds to the Earth’s surface, increasing snow accumulation and flow.

Some cloud seeding studies have also shown a 15% increase in snow and rain production from clouds after they are seeded with silver iodide, although several studies have also discovered that seeding has no effect on precipitation.


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