Demolition of Noida Supertech twin towers will cost nearly Rs 20 Crore; Know the total loss of the business


The Noida Supertech Twin Towers, which are to be demolished on Sunday August 28, cost Rs 933 per square foot (sq ft) in construction costs and have a total built-up area of ​​7.5 lakh square feet, which totals up to a total of Rs 70 crore. However, its demolition is also an expensive affair as it requires a lot of explosives, manpower and material.

Among the twin towers (namely Apex and Ceyane), one building has an elevation of 103 meters, another is about 97 meters. The demolition cost of the Twin Towers, located in Sector 93-A of Noida, is estimated at around Rs 267 per square foot. Considering the total built up area of ​​around 7.5 lakh sq ft, the total demolition cost including explosives will be around Rs 20 crore.

Out of the total cost, Supertech is paying around Rs 5 crore and the remaining amount of around Rs 15 crore will be made by selling the scrap, which will be around 55,000 tonnes including 4,000 tonnes of steel.

Apart from this, Edifice Engineering, the company responsible for the destruction of the buildings, has also secured Rs 100 crore insurance coverage for any damages in the surroundings, if any.

For the demolition, about 3,700 kg of explosives, which were brought from Palwal (Haryana), will be used. It will be a mixture of dynamite, emulsions and plastic explosives.

The cascading implosion method will be used to bring down the towers and the buildings will fall inwards. This will leave behind 55,000 tons of debris, or 3,000 trucks, to manage. Interestingly, the debris will take about three months to disappear.

A hundred workers are part of the demolition team. Indian blaster Chetan Dutta will press the last button for the explosion at 2:30 p.m. on August 28. Demolition will take about 9 seconds.
The Loss of Supertech

The cost of a 3BHK apartment was around Rs 1.13 crore in Supertech Emerald Court project. There were around 915 apartments in the two buildings, which would have earned the company about Rs 1,200 crore.

Out of a total of 915 apartments, about 633 have been reserved and the company has collected nearly Rs 180 crore from homebuyers. Now Supertech has been asked to return the homebuyers’ money with 12% interest.

Safety measures for demolition

All security measures have been taken. Nearby residents will be evacuated to the other remote location the evening before or by 7 a.m. on demolition day (August 28).

“We have planned a diversion of traffic during the hours of demolition. No vehicle movement will be allowed near the site. A contingency plan has been prepared to deal with any untoward situation,” said Noida DCP Traffic Ganesh Shah.

The Supreme Court in August 2021 ordered the structures demolished because their construction violated the minimum distance requirement. According to the Supreme Court, the buildings were built illegally without obtaining the consent of individual apartment owners, as required by the UP Apartment Act.

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