CWG 2022 medal is huge confidence booster, says Indian Hockey team midfielder Nisha


Last update: August 25, 2022, 2:34 p.m. HST

India’s women’s hockey team made history at the recently concluded Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games after winning the bronze medal, their first CWG medal after 16 years.

27-year-old midfielder Nisha, who was absolutely thrilled to be part of the bronze medal team, expressed the importance of the medal for the team and for her career.

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“This CWG medal will always be special to me as it has always been my dream to be part of medal winning teams at prestigious tournaments. We have always sought to play our best hockey at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games and we are happy to to have put in a great performance at Birmingham. The team has gone from strength to strength since I joined the team in 2019 and I hope we will continue to grow as a team in the future.

Nisha also said the CWG Medal was a huge confidence booster for her: “I definitely gained a lot of confidence after CWG. I feel blessed to have been part of a fantastic experience and we trained the team very well during the competition. It was very gratifying for me to contribute to the success of the team and I will continue to work hard to help the team do even better in the next tournament.

The Indian women’s hockey team will return to national camp on August 29 in SAI, Bengaluru. Speaking about the team’s focus after returning to training, Nisha said, “We noted the mistakes we made during the CWG and we will definitely focus on improving them. I feel the team is going in the right direction and if we play to our potential we can definitely start winning gold medals on the bigger stages. We coordinate very well on the pitch and it was an absolute pleasure to be part of this team.

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