Congress after a fiery letter of resignation


Sources close to Mr. Azad said he planned to create a new party.

New Delhi:

Moments after calling the contents of Ghulam Nabi Azad’s fiery resignation letter “inaccurate”, Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh questioned his personality. “The GNA’s DNA has been altered,” he said, accusing it of “betraying” the big old party.

“A man who was treated with the utmost respect by the leadership of Congress has betrayed him through his vicious personal attacks that reveal his true character. The DNA of the GNA has been altered,” he said.

Mr Azad’s scathing criticism of Rahul Gandhi and the public resignation from Congress sparked a massive backlash from party loyalists, many of whom question his intent.

Sources close to Mr. Azad said he planned to create a new party.

At a press conference earlier today, Congress spokespersons said it was ‘unfortunate’ the top leader had resigned in this way at a time when the party is preparing for a massive nationwide mobilization against the ruling BJP.

“We have read the letter from the veteran Congress leader, Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad, which has been published in the media. It is very unfortunate that this happened at a time when the President of the Congress, Smt Sonia Gandhi, Shri Rahul Gandhi and the entire party organization are involved in fighting the BJP over the public issues of mehangai (price hike), berozgaari (unemployment) and polarization and when final preparations are underway for the Mehangai rally by Hallo Bol in New Delhi on September 4 and for the launch of Kanyakumari’s Bharat Jodo Yatra on September 7,” the party said.

Mr Azad, who was part of the G-23 splinter group calling for a change in the leadership and organization of the party, quit the party today ripping at Rahul Gandhi for ‘childish behaviour’, ‘flagrant immaturity’ and for letting a “coterie of inexperienced sycophants” throw the party.

Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit, also a member of the G-23, expressed dismay and a “sense of betrayal” at Mr Azad’s resignation from the party. “When I read your letter of resignation, it gave me a sense of dismay and, unfortunately, a sense of betrayal,” he wrote to Mr. Azad, adding that the G-23 letter ” hoisted the banner of reform, not a banner of revolt”.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said Mr Azad had held several positions over the past 42 years and no one expected such a letter from him. “Sonia Ji is in the United States for a medical and you publish a letter – it’s not good,” he said, adding that Mr Azad was a sycophant himself during Sanjay’s time. Gandhi.

Social media is awash with Congress leaders claiming that Mr Azad wielded a lot of power and held top positions in the party without having a mass base and got angry when he was denied the job. continued access to privilege.


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