Cobra Box Office: Vikram’s Freefall Film, earns just ₹5 crore on Saturday


Vikram’s latest release Cobra has been in free fall after a somewhat promising start at the box office. The action thriller just deserves it 5 crore at the box office across India and less than 4 crore in Tamil Nadu on Saturday the fourth day of publication. According to experts, only a “miracle” could save this film in view of the sharp drop in revenue. Also read: Cobra film review: Vikram star ends up being predictable despite some brilliance

Cobra had opened with a profit of just over 17 crore across India on Wednesday but a massive 70% drop the following day. On Saturday, the first weekend after its release, the film managed a 55% surge, but that wasn’t enough considering how low the numbers had already fallen. According to industry tracking website Sacnik, the film deserved it 5 crore nationwide on Saturday and increases his total income 30 crore, a disappointing number for four days.

Even in Tamil Nadu, where Vikram’s popularity was expected to benefit the film, it didn’t do well at all. On Sunday afternoon, industry trade analyst Manobala Vijayabalan tweeted that the film had traded just under 4 crore in Tamil Nadu on Saturday, equal to the total gross in the state 17 crores. “Despite Saturday, the film failed to develop much momentum,” he wrote. In an earlier tweet posted Saturday night, the analyst wrote, “Only a miracle can save the film.”

Cobra plays Vikram in a dual role alongside Srinidhi Shetty, Roshan Mathew and Irfan Pathan. The film was met with mixed reviews, with criticism for the plot and the three-hour running time. On Thursday, the day after its release, the film’s creators released a statement saying they would cut the film by 20 minutes due to audience reactions. However, this did not appear to have had a very positive effect on the film’s box office performance.

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