Budding poet Vaidehi Jha of Aakash BYJU’S Mumbai scores AIR 21 in NEET UG 2022 with a score of 705


Vaidehi Jha got AIR 21 in NEET 2022

A student with a passion for science – physics and zoology being her favorite subjects, Vaidehi says her inspiration to become a doctor and apply for NEET 2022 came from her pediatrician

Mumbai native Vaidehi Jha scored 705 out of 720 points in NEET 2022 earning an All India ranking of 21. Now she hopes two of her major dreams will come true – one will join AIIMS Delhi soon, and second is to launching a book of his poems in the near future.

A student of Aakash BYJU’S, Vaidehi says she has always been competitive. The subjects that challenged her were organic chemistry and biology. His way of overcoming challenges was to allocate enough time to these topics each day. “I invariably spent about an hour and a half on physics and 45 minutes on chemistry, while I spent the rest of my study hours on biology. Above all, I made sure that I had 20 minutes every day to review questions from previous NEET exams,” she recalls.

A keen student of science – physics and zoology being her favorite subjects, Vaidehi says her inspiration to become a doctor came from her pediatrician. “He’s very genuine. I’m inspired by the way he conducts himself – whether it’s listening to patients with genuine interest or objectively diagnosing health issues. I can’t see any other reason as strong for motivate me in my NEET prep,” she says.And while preparing for the exam, Vaidehi often took breaks quite religiously for her creative pursuit of poetry writing.

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His mother at home and his engineer father supported his studies. They didn’t pressure her to get high marks. “My father is an engineer, but I find engineering a boring subject. In contrast, medical science throbs with life. I love watching surgery videos online – especially open-heart and open-eye procedures, although I don’t quite understand what the surgeons do with the instruments yet,” she says. Along with preparing for NEET, she was also studying for the national talent search exam.

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