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Actor-social media influencer Bhavin Bhanushali has the ability to dabble in multiple genres and platforms, and has the ability to be selective when taking on assignments.

“I feel blessed to have a variety of projects to choose from. I have made 10 short films along with reality shows, movies, TV shows and over 40 music videos. Since social media brings in a lot of money these days, I can focus on making good films and web series that I focus on,” he says who is your daddy and Vellapanti Actor.

Bhanushali agrees that social media has played a big part in his career but stars in the film as Ajay Devgn’s son De De Pyaar De brought him great recognition. “The reach of the big screen is a phenomenon. I started out as an actor, then all this social media and content creation came up to me. But I think you only get work if you’re a good actor and not because I have millions of followers. Otherwise it is wrong for the project and you are guilty of depriving a deserving person of an opportunity. I tell them agar aapko meri handle acchi lage tabhi mujhe lena. That also gives me a kick as an actor…”

Bhavin Bhanushali during the shooting of his film at the residency in Lucknow.

To Tenali Rama He doesn’t feel like watching TV at the moment. “I love making music videos. The good thing is that they’re shot in two days and you can play different characters each time, and it’s good money too. So if you do two in a month, that’s more than enough.”

He shot his debut film as the protagonist in the state capital. “We shot Ishq pashmina in Shimla and Lucknow. Working with director Arvind Pandey (a Lucknowite) was great fun and I never felt like he was a directorial debut. I’m a Mastikhor guy who’s always full of energy, so it was hard for me to play an intense role. Actually, I had to stay very calm and composed both during the preparation and during the shooting in order to stay true to my role.”

Bhanushali openly admits that it seems so split villa and Hoshiyar were fun projects for him. “Actually, it’s the money that attracts me, along with the right dose of fun. It’s like vacation for me. I did social currency to make my presence felt on OTT and the feature film for the script, not for money.”

Born and raised in Mumbai, he has roots in the Kutch area. “I started acting when I was 16 and have been in the industry for eight years. From junior artist to lead actor, I’ve gotten a lot of love from the people I work for and try to entertain. I didn’t do any training and learned from auditions along the way. I will also debut in Gujarati cinema. So I explore all platforms and paths.”

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