Bhaichung Bhutia Seeks Support from Northeastern States for AIFF Presidential Bid


Indian football legend Bhaichung Bhutia, who has announced his intention to run in the upcoming AIFF presidential election, has appealed to the northeastern states of the nation to support him in his efforts to enter football management Indian.


Candidates ready to throw down their hats for the presidential job on football’s governing body must come forward with the backing of members of the state to contest the looming election.

Letter from Bhaichung Bhutia to North East Football Associations

In the letter he wrote to the North Eastern States, the sniper from Sikkim wrote: “I have been a proud son of North Eastern India and have represented the region to the best of my abilities over the 20 odd years of my career. Today I am again representing the North East, to contest for the post of President of the Football Federation of India.

“Our region is the hub of Indian football and we have become a footballer production factory for the country,” he said reflecting on the rich heritage of the North East national team players.

“It is high time for a person from the North East to lead the federation. I think I am the best man for the job,” the statement read.

He also shed light on the FAs in the North East states under pressure due to political influence and insisted that the elections be about football and not about politics.

He saw this as an opportunity to correct the course of the federation and elevate Indian football to international standards.

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The legendary 45-year-old also pledged his commitment to the states and spelled out some changes he would implement if elected.

He said annual financial support of 30 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs will be provided to each state to improve their base and state leagues.

The Tinkitam man also stressed that he will help state level players in coach education programs and produce qualified local coaches.

He mentioned that he would lead a separate Northeast league at the state level.

He also added that he would work to integrate more deserving members of national federations into the federation committee.

He also guaranteed that he would help the associations with all football-related matters.

Previously, there was a condition of prominent players, in which players who had appeared on the international scene for the nation could run for positions within the national body without having to go through state bodies.

He signed off declaring that all the commitments he spoke about were achievable as he appealed to the FAs of the North Eastern States, in all sincerity, not to be persuaded by outside influences.

Bhutia said we must ensure that such a free and fair system is in place for the greater good of football in the country.

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