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Telangana Health Minister Harish Rao on Saturday denounced Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for her demand to display Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s face in all fair price shops. Addressing a press conference in Tupran, Minister Telangana accused Sitharaman of “lowering the prime minister’s standard”. (Also read | “Excuse me,” raps Telangana collector Nirmala Sitharaman; KTR “appalled”)

“I don’t understand why the union minister keeps downgrading her level. When she talks about the lack of pictures of the prime minister in the ration stores, she is lowering the level of the prime minister. This is not the first government Before that, moreover, many governments ruled, but no one ever descended to that level,” ANI quoted Harish Rao as saying.

A major row erupted on Saturday after Sitharaman visited Kamareddy’s ration stores in Telangana, where she publicly berated a collector for the absence of the Prime Minister’s picture from the ration stores. She alleged that whenever someone tries to keep PM Modi’s flex in fair price stores, it is either pulled or torn down.

“You as the district administrator will ensure that the flexis are not removed, that they are not torn, that they are not affected,” Sitharaman said. “If there is no banner, I will come back here.”

Telangana BJP leaders shared the video saying the IAS officer did not know that the Center is providing 28 of 35 Kg of rice that the beneficiaries receive 1 and the state government provides 6. The tax collector reportedly told the finance minister that the state government’s share was 34.

“Not at all. You are an officer of the Indian Administrative Service, belonging to the Telangana cadre…You tell me that the state gives 34? Sorry! You want to think about your answer,” the finance minister told the tax collector.

Rao claimed that Telangana is among the major states that look after the country financially.

“She says as if the central government is the only one who gives free rice to the state. The center barely provides 50 to 55 pc of the funds, and the remaining 45 pc is borne by the state alone and for that the Telangana government spends 3,610 crore. Telangana is among the five/six states that take care of our country financially. We spent more 1,70,000 crore for the country. So why don’t you keep the picture of our Chief Minister KCR in other states as well?” said Harish Rao as quoted by ANI.


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