After Liz Truss is chosen as new UK Prime Minister, Priti Patel resigns as Home Secretary


UK Home Secretary Priti Patel resigned from Cabinet on Monday in a letter to outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson and said she planned to support her successor Liz Truss from the benches of Parliament.

The Indian-born senior minister, a close ally of Johnson, was widely expected not to be part of the top lineup of Prime Minister-elect Truss’ team.

In his resignation letter to Johnson, Patel, 50, highlighted his many accomplishments in the position, including a migration and mobility partnership signed with India, among other countries, to combat illegal migration.

I congratulate Liz Truss on being elected our new leader and I will support her as the new prime minister, she wrote in her resignation letter. It is my choice to continue my public service to the country and Witham constituency from the back seats once Liz officially takes office and a new Home Secretary is appointed. From the back seats, I will champion many of the policies and causes I have championed both inside and outside of government, she said.

I have signed new international return agreements with India, Albania, Serbia, Nigeria and Pakistan, and work is underway to negotiate more agreements and return more people who should not be in this country and who abused our hospitality, she wrote, referring to some of her work as head of the Ministry of the Interior. The interior minister’s portfolio should be entrusted to another minister of Indian origin, Suella Braverman.

Gujarati-born Patel, who was appointed Home Secretary by Boris Johnson in July 2019, described it as the honor of my life to reform the country’s policing and immigration system and fight terrorism . His letter also refers to a controversial Rwandan asylum policy aimed at deporting illegal migrants to the African nation as part of a broader strategy to crack down on illegal migration. It is vital that your successor supports all aspects of these policies on illegal migration to ensure the full implementation and delivery of the new plan for immigration and nationality and border law, she writes.

The 50-year-old MP for Witham in Essex and a Johnson loyalist was among a handful of frontline ministers who chose not to declare their support for either of the two Tory leadership race finalists Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak. Earlier on Monday, she praised her former boss in Parliament, telling interrupting opposition MPs to shut up. I am proud to serve in this government and I want to thank the Prime Minister [Boris Johnson]she says.

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